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A place where customers can be assured of receiving the best service and a product range that fits in with their lifestyle. Malwan Star has been founded and built on the concept of bringing true value to its customers by spotting rightful opportunities on the demand and supply ends and becoming a conduit of delivering the goods at its most optimal value to the customers with the most delightful service. We are among the most experience companies in meat business, we always aim at providing the best quality meat to our clients. Our products are most hygenic,for this – fastidious care is taken during procurement. Our clients are based around the world. The general policy at Malwan Star is "To work with their clients as a team, and provide excellent services for their business customers, to improve the Quality of their business" This is in line with the company’s Quality Policy which was developed during 1999, pledging “to continuously serve customers from the heart by offering value added products and services, and for strengthening the customer’s trust in Malwan as a brand.”


Our Quality Products

Indian Meat

frozen buffalo meats

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Australian Meat

frozen beef liver

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Poultry Meat

frozen chicken

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Frozen Sea Foods

fish fillet

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Frozen Vegetables

Cut Beans

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Dry Products

olive oil

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